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1. Yogi of baseball fame
2. Yogi of the Yankees
3. N.Y. catcher, manager, coach
4. He hithome runs
5. Yankee coach
6. Yogi or Dale of baseball
7. Yankee manager in 1984
8. Three-time American League M.V.P.
9. Infielder Dale
10. He had catching statements
11. Hall of Fame catcher
12. Hall of Fame receiver
13. Yankee catcher: 1946-63
14. Former Yankee catcher
15. Record holder for World Series hits
16. Yogi ____
17. "The game ain't over till it's over" speaker
18. A.L. M.V.P.,and 1955
19. Player in a recordWorld Series games
20. "It's deja vu all over again" speaker
21. Baseballer noted for bon mots
22. Catcher in the wry?
23. "It ain't over till it's over" speaker
24. Quotable Yogi
25. Hall-of-Famer withWorld Series rings
26. "It gets late early out there" speaker
27. "You can observe a lot by watching" speaker
28. Diamond gem at home
29. Yogi the catcher
30. He played in 14 World Series
31. Quotable sports notable
32. AFLAC pitchman
33. Malaprop artist of baseball
34. He wore 8 for the Yankees
35. He wore 8 as a Yankee
36. It ain't over till it's over speaker
37. I really didn't say everything I said sayer
38. Larsen's catcher in his World Series perfect game
39. Only player with 10 World Series championships
41. Pinstriped Yogi
42. Baseball's Yogi
43. Yankee malapropist
44. Yankee legend
45. Oft-quoted Yankee
46. Popular Yankee
47. You can observe a lot just by watchin'
48. I didn't really say everything I said speaker
49. The future ain't what it used to be speaker
50. Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded speaker
51. When you come to a fork in the road, take it speaker
52. He jumped into Larsen's arms after the only World Series perfect game
53. Yogi of the Yanks
54. Hall-of-Fame catcher
55. Malapropist manager
56. Comically quotable catcher
57. Malapropist with a mitt
58. I never said most of the things I said speaker
59. Diamond great with the line "I really didn't say everything I said"
60. Oft-quoted ballplayer
61. He played in a record 14 World Series
62. Oft-quoted baseballer
63. Catcher who said "We have deep depth"
64. He caught 42 Down
65. Oft-quoted catcher
66. It's dأ©j vu all over again speaker
67. It's dأ©jأ  vu all over again speaker
68. Kids' TV character with a thick unibrow
69. Lays siege to
70. Request to an interviewee
71. Wanna-___ (copycats)
72. Name that's an anagram of THE BAR
73. Chum, in modern shorthand
74. Nickname shared by Benazir Bhutto and Benjamin Netanyahu
75. TV's 'Father Knows _____'
76. ___, peel me a grape.: West
77. Kindest regards
78. Chevy
79. Yogi who played in 75 World Series games
80. Player with the most World Series rings of all time
81. Ford's catcher
82. And they give you cash, which is just as good as money speaker
83. He said, "We have deep depth"
84. Yogi of baseball
85. He hit 368 home runs
86. He hit 358 home runs
87. Yankee Yogi
88. They may be black and blue
89. Tart ingredient
90. Yankee No. 8 and family
91. Sesame Street name
92. Sesame Streetâ€‌ regular nyt 1999 BERT Ernie's Sesame Street" pal
93. Quotable catcher
94. Oft-quoted Yogi
95. Coiner of "It ain't over till it's over"
96. Yogi of notable quotes
97. Baseball manager Yogi
98. Much quoted baseball Hall of Famer
99. Quotable Yankee catcher
100. He coined the phrase "It's dأ©j vu all over again"
101. We're lost, but we're making good time speaker
102. Quotable Yankee
103. "It's d
104. See 17-Across
105. Catcher in the World Series' only perfect game
106. He said "Slump? I ain't in no slump. I just ain't hitting"
107. Who said "It gets late early out there"
108. Hall-of-Famer with 10 World Series rings
109. He caught Larsen's perfect game
110. Hall-of-Famer Yogi
111. Quotable catcher Yogi
112. Three-time A.L. M.V.P.
113. Player in a record 75 World Series games
114. World's Champions catcher
115. Yankee star
116. The Yankees' catcher
117. "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore" speaker
118. "And they give you cash which is just as good as money" speaker
119. "Baseball is 90% mental; the other half is physical" speaker
120. "I didn't really say everything I said" speaker
121. "I really didn't say everything I said" sayer
122. "I really didn't say everything I said" speaker
123. "If you can't imitate him don't copy him" speaker
124. "It ain't over 'til it's over" speaker
125. "It ain't over till it's over" baseball legend
126. "It's deja vu all over again" sayer
127. "My ambition is to hit .400 and talk 1.000" quipper
128. "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded" speaker
129. "The future ain't what it used to be" speaker
130. "The towels were so thick there I could hardly close my suitcase" speaker
131. "We're lost but we're making good time" speaker
132. "What Time Is It? You Mean Now?" author
133. "When you come to a fork in the road take it" speaker
134. "You can observe a lot just by watchin'"
135. '90 per cent of the game is half mental' speaker
136. '90% of the game is half mental' speaker
137. 'I never said most of the things I said' speaker
138. 'I really didn't say everything I said' sayer
139. 'We're lost but we're making good time' sayer
140. 'You can observe a lot by watching' sayer
141. 'You should always go to other people's funerals; otherwise they won't come to yours' sayer
142. -
143. A.L. M.V.P. 1951 1954 and 1955
144. AL MVP of 1951 1954 and 1955
145. All-Century Team catcher
146. Athlete with new job.
147. Ballplayer who's the subject of a museum at Montclair State University
148. Baseball Hall of Fame name
149. Baseball great Yogi
150. Baseball notable
151. Baseballer Yogi
152. Catcher Yogi
153. Catcher in Larsen's perfecto
154. Catcher in the wry sayings section
155. Catcher known for his malapropisms
156. Catcher on the All-Century Team
157. Catcher who "really didn't say everything [he] said"
158. Catcher with a record 10 World Series rings as a player
159. DiMaggio teammate
160. English-mangling Yankee
161. Famed Yankee quipster
162. Famous Yankee.
163. Famous Yogi
164. First to pinch-hit a World Series home run
165. He actually said "I really didn't say everything I said"
166. He coined the phrase "It's deja vu all over again"
167. He either did or did not say "I really didn't say everything I said"
168. He once said "Never answer an anonymous letter"
169. He quipped to Ford "You dead yet?"
170. He said "I didn't really say everything I said"
171. He said "If the world were perfect it wouldn't be"
172. He said "I never said most of the things I said"
173. He said "We have deep depth"
174. He supposedly said "Ninety percent of putts left short don't go in"
175. His namesake is a Bear
176. Language-mangling Yankee
177. Larsen's perfect game battery mate
178. Last name of sentiment's author
179. Legendary Yankee
180. Legendary Yankee Yogi
181. Legendary Yankee catcher
182. Malapropist Yogi
183. Malapropist at the plate
184. Malapropist catcher
185. Manager of the Mets 1972-75
186. Manager who led both the Yankees and Mets to pennants
187. Mantle teammate
188. Masked man of baseball.
189. Memorable Yogi
190. Most-quoted Yankee
191. Much-quoted ballplayer
192. N.Y. catcher manager coach
193. Oft-quoted malapropist
194. One Yogi
195. Only American Leaguer on the All-Star team every year of the 1950s
196. Player in 14 World Series
197. Quotable Yankee great
198. Quotable ex-Yankee
199. Quotable late athlete
200. Source of Yogi-isms
201. Source of the quote "You can observe a lot by watching"
202. Sports figure.
203. The catcher in the wry?
204. Three-time A.L. MVP
205. Very quotable baseball great
206. Who once said "You wouldn't have won if we'd beaten you"
207. Wry catcher?
208. Yankee Hall of Famer
209. Yankee Hall-of-Famer
210. Yankee Yogi.
211. Yankee catching great
212. Yankee great
213. Yankee great Yogi
214. Yankee known for twisted sayings
215. Yankee legend Yogi
216. Yankee legend with a way with words
217. Yankee player.
218. Yankee who wore #8
219. Yankee's M.V.P catcher Yogi
220. Yankees catcher in the Baseball Hall of Fame
221. Yankees' catching great
222. Yanks' three-time MVP
223. Yogi
224. Yogi ___
225. Yogi in the Hall of Fame
226. Yogi in the New Jersey Hall of Fame
227. Yogi once behind the plate
228. Yogi the baseball legend
229. Yogi the quotable catcher
230. Yogi who appeared in "That Touch of Mink"
231. Yogi who didn't practice yoga
232. Yogi who misspeaks
233. Yogi who misspeaks a lot
234. Yogi who said "Never answer an anonymous letter"
235. Yogi who said "When you come to a fork in the road take it"
236. Yogi with the sayings
237. Yogi the Yankee legend
238. Yogi.
239. Yankee backstop
240. Lawrence Peter of the Yankees
241. Yogi the Yankee
242. Yankee catcher
243. Part of the Yankee battery
244. A Yankee
245. Yogi, the Yankee legend
246. It ain't over 'til it's over speaker
247. Yogi of baseball
248. Sesame Street regular
249. Small fruit
250. Beside oneself
251. Mary Poppins chimney sweep
252. Lahr or Parks
253. Lahr of "The Wizard of Oz"
254. Holly feature
255. Parks in Atlantic City
256. Moorages
257. Host Convy or Parks
258. Parks and Lahr
259. Chuck who sang "Maybellene"
260. Sesame Street guy with a unibrow
261. Sesame Street character
262. Vine fruit
263. Quotable Yankee legend
264. Chuck who sang "Johnny B. Goode"
265. See 39-Down
266. A Bobbsey twin
267. Foaming at the mouth
268. Intoxicate
269. Dramatist Brecht
270. ___ Mucho (#1 oldie)
271. Attack from all sides
272. Plague
273. Plagued
274. Dogs
275. Mrs. Truman
276. Makes drunk
277. Under attack
278. Kiss: Sp.
279. Happens to
280. Porgy's love
281. Finest
282. =-- noires (bugbears)
283. Major leagues
284. Attack on all sides
285. Hemmed in
286. Attack
287. First lady after Eleanor
288. Woman's wide lace collar
289. Former Miss America host Parks
290. Sesame Street regular
291. We're lost, but we're making good time sayer
292. Ernie's pal
293. You can observe a lot by watching sayer
294. See 65-Across
295. Costar of Ray and Jack in "The Wizard of Oz"
296. Manager of the Mets, 1972-75
297. Bad way to go
298. Fruit put into the earth, so it's said (5)
299. Doin' the Pigeon singer
300. Yogi of the Yankees.
301. Man's nickname.
302. Yankee star.
303. Actor Lytell.
304. Actor Wheeler.
305. Yankee backstop.
306. Yogi the Yankee.
307. Frenzied.
308. Part of the Yankee battery.
309. Yankee catcher.
310. Yogi's relatives.
311. Well-known Yogi.
312. Luncheon pastries.
313. Catcher Larry and family.
314. Mantle associate.
315. Masked man from N. Y.
316. Yankee receiver.
317. Actor Parks.
318. Currant, for example.
319. Gathered wild fruit.
320. Popular dessert.
321. Tomato.
322. Lahr.
323. Baseball is 90% mental; the other half is physical speaker
324. Larry of the Yanks
325. Well-known Yogi
326. Mantle associate
327. Masked man from N Y
328. Yankee receiver
329. Masked man of baseball
330. Yankee player
331. Sports figure
332. Athlete with new job
333. He hit home runs
334. Yankee manager in
335. Yogi who coined the phrase 'It ain't over till it's over'