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1. Sir Toby of "Twelfth Night"
2. Shakespeare's Sir Toby
3. "Twelfth Night" character
4. Post-meal sign of appreciation, in some cultures
5. Excuse me antecedent
6. Restaurant rudeness
7. Garfield comment?
8. Eject spasmodically
9. Gas outlet?
10. Bit of beer-drinking boorishness
11. Emit, as from a smoke stack
12. After-dinner speech?
13. After-dinner report?
14. Excuse me preceder, maybe
15. Gush forth, as chimney smoke
16. Twelfth Night knight
17. He said "I didn't really say everything I said"
18. Big no-no at the dinner table
19. Bicycle adjunct
20. Dinner table no-no
21. Shakespeare's Sir Toby ___
22. Vomit
23. "Excuse me" antecedent
24. "Excuse me" preceder maybe
25. "Twelfth Night" knight
26. 'Twelfth Night' knight
27. At-table no-no
28. Be rude at the table
29. Burp
30. Burp noisily
31. Burst forth
32. Come out quickly
33. Dinner-table faux pas
34. Eject violently
35. Emit as from a smoke stack
36. Gush
37. Gush forth
38. Gush forth as chimney smoke
39. Have an eruction
40. Impolite interruption
41. It may be combed over
42. It may warrant an "Excuse me!"
43. Miss Manners gives it a thumbs down
44. Post-meal sign of appreciation in some cultures
45. Sir Toby of 'Twelfth Night'
46. Sir Toby of "Twelfth Night"
47. Violent emittance
48. Brazilian city
49. Contradict
50. Prove false
51. Seaport of Brazil
52. Twelfth Night character
53. Attorney with the autobiography "My Life on Trial"
54. In the hold, say
55. Ring site?
56. Ball girl?
57. Steeple part