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1. Mitchell or Lew
2. Lew of the movies
3. Film actor Lew
4. Early Dr. Kildare
5. Movies' Dr. Kildare
6. Lew of "Dr. Kildare"
7. Portrayer of Dr. Kildare
8. Lew in "Holiday"
9. A portrayer of Dr. Kildare
10. A Dr. Kildare portrayer
11. Dr. Kildare portrayer
12. Hollywood's Dr. Kildare
13. Best Actor nominee for "Johnny Belinda"
14. Pacifist actor Lew
15. Lew of "Holiday"
16. Kildare's portrayer in 1940s films
17. All Quiet on the Western Front star
18. Lew of "Johnny Belinda"
19. Kildare player Lew
20. Johnny Belinda actor Lew
21. Johnny Belinda costar Lew
22. '30s-'40s Kildare portrayer
23. Lew of "All Quiet on the Western Front"
24. Lew in old movies
25. Lew in old films
26. Old-time actor Lew
27. Dr. Kildare portrayer Lew ____
28. Kildare of filmdom
29. Dr. Kildare of filmdom
30. Baku resident
31. Excavating vehicle
32. Snap-on parts of a tot's tote?
33. Actor Lew ___
34. Actor Lew of "Holiday"
35. Old-time actor Lew of "Advise and Consent"
36. Actor Lew
37. Iraqi V.I.P. Tariq ___
38. Kildare portrayer once married to Ginger Rogers
39. State Fair actor Lew
40. Lew of Dr. Kildare films
41. All Quiet on the Western Front star Lew
42. Lew of Dr. Kildare fame
43. Lew who played Dr. Kildare
44. 1948 Best Actor nominee for "Johnny Belinda"
45. Agnes or Lew
46. "All Quiet on the Western Front" star
47. "All Quiet on the Western Front" star Lew
48. "Johnny Belinda" actor Lew
49. "Johnny Belinda" costar Lew
50. "State Fair" actor Lew
51. Actor Lew of "All Quiet on the Western Front"
52. Actor Lew.
53. Co-star in "Dr. Kildare" movies
54. Dr. Kildare portrayer Lew ___
55. Dr. Kildare portrayer of film
56. Dr. Kildare then.
57. English romance writer Ruby
58. Fildom's Dr. Kildare
59. Filmdom's Dr. Kildare
60. First Dr. Kildare
61. He played Dr. Kildare
62. Hollywood actor.
63. Lew
64. Lew of "Dr. Kildare" movies
65. Lew of 'State Fair'
66. Lew of film
67. Lew of the films.
68. Lew or Mitchell
69. Lew who was married to Ginger Rogers
70. Lew whose surname sounds like "airs"
71. Star Lew
72. Star of "Young Dr. Kildare"
73. What parallel lines never do
74. Ruby M ___, British novelist
75. Movie star
76. 1948 Best Actor nominee Lew
77. Outback attraction
78. Blooms seen at the Masters
79. Brightly flowering bush
80. Before the appearance of life, in geology
81. Fragrant shrub
82. ___ dye
83. Hyundai sedan
84. City near Los Angeles
85. Flowering shrub
86. Showy flower
87. Wild honeysuckle, e.g.
88. Flowers associated with Augusta National golf course
89. Brightly colored shrub
90. Original Dr. Kildare.
91. Affirmative votes.
92. It's popular in pots at Easter.
93. Lew of the movies.
94. Movie star.
95. Rueful interjections.
96. Lew of Hollywood.
97. Affirmatives.
98. Words of assent.
99. Mohammedan call to prayer.
100. Muezzin's call to prayer.
101. Affirmatives: Var.
102. Bouquet de Flore
103. Lew of Hollywood
104. Lew of the cinema
105. Lew of the films
106. Dr Kildare then