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# Clue
1. Rock's _____ Rose
2. Singer _____ Rose
3. Singer ___ Rose
4. Rocking Rose
5. Rose in the music biz
6. Rose that blossomed in the late '80s
7. Rose the rocker
8. Slash's bandmate
9. Rock singer ___ Rose
10. Rocker Rose of Guns N' Roses
11. Rock singer Rose
12. Rose on the charts
13. With 71-Across, rocker whose first name anagrams a West Coast airport code
14. Guns N' Roses frontman Rose
15. Rose of rock music
16. Rose of song
17. Cotter pin's place
18. Supporting shaft
19. Part of a gyroscope
20. Transmission conduits, of a sort
21. Reply to Captain Kirk
22. Nerve cell projection
23. What a drivetrain connects to
24. Wheels' connector
25. Wheelset piece
26. Conductors of impulses from nerve cells
27. Hoyt who wrote "Joy to the World"
28. Part of a euro
29. Trucker's toll factor
30. Sweet Child O' Mine rocker
31. Dessert with nuts and honey
32. ___ ghanoush
33. Australia's -- Rock
34. Rand of objectivism
35. Prince "___ a Star"
36. Guitarists use gig ones
37. Rose on the charts 20 years ago?
38. Sweet Child O' Mine singer Rose
39. Rose of rock fame
40. Rose that really bloomed in the late '80s
41. Rock's Rose
42. ___ rosé
43. Rose of rock
44. Rocker Rose
45. Rock's ___ Rose
46. Rose of Guns N' Roses
47. Guns N' Roses leader Rose
48. Guns N' Roses rocker ___ Rose
49. Guns N' Roses singer Rose
50. Paradise City rocker Rose
51. Rose of Guns N’ Roses
52. Rocker ___ Rose
53. Rose who rose to fame in the 1980s
54. The name of the Rose?
55. Rose from hard rock band Guns N' Roses
56. "November Rain" singer Rose
57. "November Rain" songwriter Rose
58. "November Rain" vocalist Rose
59. "Paradise City" rocker Rose
60. "Sweet Child O' Mine" singer Rose
61. "Sweet Child of Mine" vocalist Rose
62. "The Middle" oldest child
63. 1980s bandmate of Izzy Duff and Slash
64. A Rose
65. Acid
66. Bandmate of Slash
67. First name in metal
68. Guns N' Roses frontman
69. Guns N' Roses singer ___ Rose
70. Guns N' Roses' Rose
71. Mr. Rose
72. Name on the credits of "Chinese Democracy"
73. Only GnR original member
74. Rock icon Rose
75. Rock singer Rose who's been working on "Chinese Democracy" for over a decade
76. Rock star Rose
77. Rock-musician Rose
78. Rose at a concert
79. Rose born William Bruce
80. Rose formerly of the band Hollywood Rose
81. Rose in the music business
82. Rose in the music world
83. Rose in the rock world
84. Rose of Guns and Roses
85. Rose of Los Angeles
86. Rose on records
87. Rose on stage
88. Rose on the charts thirty years ago?
89. Rose on the charts a while back
90. Rose on the charts in the 1980-90s
91. Rose on the charts once
92. Rose on the music charts?
93. Rose once buds with Slash
94. Rose that may not smell sweet?
95. Rose that's not too pretty
96. Rose up on a stage
97. Rose who refused Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction
98. Rose who rose to fame in the late '80s
99. Rose who started a band with Tracii Guns in 1985
100. Rose who toured as AC/DC's vocalist
101. Rose who turns 50 in February
102. Rose whose band formed twenty-three years ago
103. Singer Rose of Guns N' Roses
104. Slash's old bandmate
105. Top-hatted guitarist ___ Rose
106. William Bruce Bailey by another name
107. William Bruce Rose's nom de rock
108. Undercarriage piece
109. Rotating shaft
110. Assembly line add-on
111. Toll unit
112. Toll unit for trucks
113. Bridge-toll unit
114. Nerve appendage
115. Impulse carrier
116. Bart Simpson catchphrase
117. Affirmative vote
118. Wheel turner
119. One acting on impulse?
120. Reply to a captain
121. The Who's "___ O'Riley"
122. =-- rock (Australian landmark)
123. AIDS-fighting drug
124. Outlaw
125. Wheel rods
126. Indian nurse
127. Car part
128. Car bar
129. Wheel rod
130. Cartwheel spinner
131. Power train target
132. Car shaft