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1. "The Mambo Kings" co-star
2. Armand of "The Marrying Man"
3. "The Mambo Kings" star, 1992
4. "Private Benjamin" actor
5. Gotti player in "Gotti"
6. Emmy winner for his title role in "Gotti"
7. Armand of "The Mambo Kings"
8. Gotti player in 1996
9. Emmy winner for playing Gotti
10. Emmy winner as Gotti
11. Armand of "Gotti"
12. Fatal Instinct star
13. 62-Down portrayer
14. Gotti star Armand
15. Leading man Armand
16. The Mambo Kings co-star
17. The Mambo Kings star, 1992
18. Private Benjamin actor
19. Knuckles under
20. Analyzes, in a way
21. Armand of "American Gangster"
22. Gotti portrayer
23. Actor Armand who played Gotti
24. Armand of "Unfaithfully Yours"
25. Gotti portrayer in a 1996 TV movie
26. Actor Armand
27. Armand of "Striptease"
28. Banderas's "The Mambo Kings" co-star, 1992
29. Actor Armand ___
30. "Fatal Instinct" actor
31. "Fatal Instinct" actor Armand
32. "Fatal Instinct" star
33. "Gotti" star Armand
34. "Judge Dredd" actor Armand
35. "The Mambo Kings" costar
36. "The Mambo Kings" star
37. "The Mambo Kings" star 1992
38. Actor Armand of "The Mambo Kings"
39. Armand of "Private Benjamin"
40. Armand who played Hammer in "I The Jury " 1982
41. Banderas's "The Mambo Kings" co-star 1992
42. Costar of the remake of "Unfaithfully Yours"
43. He played Gotti in 'Gotti'
44. Hammer's portrayer in 1982's "I, the Jury"
45. Yes
46. Declared
47. Test, as ore
48. Judge
49. Great traits
50. Examine
51. Concurrence
52. Battery's partner
53. Claim
54. Fatal Instinct actor
55. Judge Dredd actor Armand