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# Clue
1. Invites out of the rain
2. Invites upstairs, say
3. Welcomes, in a way
4. Is hospitable to
5. Invites for a nightcap, say
6. Doesn't leave on the porch
7. Greets hospitably
8. Welcomes to one's home
9. Welcomes warmly, as a visitor
10. Begins courting
11. Communication system for the gorilla Koko: Abbr.
12. Hand communication: Abbr.
13. Narnia hero
14. Comparable in reach
15. Literary hero who gets resurrected
16. Nile serpent
17. Warmly welcomes
18. Invites over
19. Welcomes at the door
20. Invites to stay awhile
21. Invites for a nightcap
22. Now I ___!
23. Invites to enter
24. Offers entry to
25. Welcomes warmly
26. Is a polite host to
27. Doesn't slam the door on, maybe
28. Invites to enter one's home
29. Doesn't leave on the doorstep
30. Warmly welcomes, perhaps
31. Welcomes, as a caller
32. Acts hospitably
33. Beckons to enter
34. Bids welcome
35. Cause of misunderstanding?
36. Doesn't leave outside
37. Doesn't slam the door on maybe
38. Invites across the threshold
39. Invites for a nightcap say
40. Invites for tea say
41. Invites out of the cold say
42. Invites to the house.
43. Invites to the living room say
44. Opens the door for say
45. Prolongs a date maybe
46. Says "Enter please"
47. Takes a step toward making out with say
48. Warmly welcomes perhaps
49. Welcomes
50. Welcomes a visitor
51. Welcomes at the front door
52. Welcomes warmly as a visitor
53. Welcomes as a caller
54. Welcomes in a way
55. Welcomes perhaps
56. Handy talk? (Abbr.)
57. Invite for
58. Biased
59. Eritrea's capital
60. Literary lion
61. Not level
62. Invite to one's penthouse, say
63. OK
64. Sing -- (croon alone)
65. Out
66. Communication for the deaf: Abbr.
67. Obliquely
68. Considering that
69. No man is naturally ___.
70. Invites to the house