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# Clue
1. Fine arbitrarily
2. Punish via a fine
3. Punish by a fine
4. Arbitrarily fine
5. Arbitrarily penalize
6. Punish via fine
7. ___ Brothers, who sang "Rag Mop"
8. Actor Ed of "Daniel Boone"
9. Punish legally
10. Punish with a fine
11. Punish by fine
12. Things of national interest
13. Punish arbitrarily
14. Punish by fining
15. Removal; a putting away.
16. A genus of aromatic plants. It includes species which bear cardamoms, and grains of paradise.
17. Punish with an arbitrary penalty
18. Mulct
19. Punish by an arbitrary fine
20. Assess a fine
21. Fine
22. Fine.
23. Impose a fine as by court order.
24. Mulct.
25. Penalize by fine.
26. Punish
27. Punish by fine.
28. Punish by imposing a fine.
29. Punish discretionarily
30. Punish in a way
31. Set an arbitrary punishment
32. ____ boy: only a youngster
33. Man or woman in blue (and red and white?)
34. A Nation of Immigrants
35. Rag Mop singers the ___ Brothers
36. Skunk River city
37. Double agent Aldrich
38. Like some plans
39. Old Glory
40. I believe in ___ (opening line of "The Godfather")
41. Big Brother of the democracies.
42. Mulcted.
43. Samuel Francis Smith's opus, 1832.
44. O beautiful for Pilgrim feet.
45. Punishes by a fine.
46. Punish by an arbitrary fine.
47. Fined.
48. Punish by a fine.
49. Penalized by fine.
50. Punish by fining.
51. Punish with a fine.
52. Area of the Western world.
53. Punishes by fining.
54. Punish; mulct.
55. ___ the Beautiful.
56. Patriotic song.
57. Imposer of a fine.
58. Well-known patriotic hymn.
59. Punishing by a fine.
60. ___ bagatelle
61. Punish; mulct
62. Impose a fine, as by court order
63. Penalize by fine