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# Clue
1. ___ a platform
2. Choose for keeps
3. Accept formally
4. Embrace, as a policy
5. Choose, as a policy
6. Take up and use
7. Take in a stray
8. Give a foundling a home
9. Choose and take
10. Vote to accept
11. Take in a foundling
12. Embrace as one's own
13. Select and take
14. One way to enlarge a family
15. Takeclue 4
16. Begin using
17. Give a stray a forever home, say
18. Welcome to the family
19. ___-a-thon (animal shelter event)
20. Pass, as a resolution
21. Settle on, as a plan
22. Take a pup from the pound, say
23. Take home from the pet shelter
24. Pass, as a proposition
25. One way to become a father
26. One way to become a parent
27. Put into effect, as a proposal
28. Add to the family, in a way
29. Take in, as a stray
30. Acquire, as a pet from the shelter
31. Go out of the pool for, say?
32. Bring in, as a boxer to one's home
33. Bring home from the shelter
34. Pick up a few pointers?
35. Start a family, perhaps
36. Decide to use, as a policy
37. Add to the household
38. Take home from the pound
39. Take on, as a child
40. Take in from a pet shelter
41. Get from a shelter
42. Get a pound pooch, say
43. Take into custody?
44. Become a mother, maybe
45. Add to the family
46. Take home from an animal shelter
47. Take in, as a Persian
48. Take as one's own
49. Take in by choice
50. Take in, as a child
51. Get from the ASPCA
52. Get from the ASPCA, maybe
53. Loved to pieces
54. Not just esteem
55. Like a whole lot
56. Absolutely ate up
57. Go crazy for
58. Fan-club member?
59. Mighty efforts
60. Carry a torch for
61. Find ever so cute
62. Love, and then some
63. Swoon over
64. Take home from the shelter
65. Add a stranger to the family
66. Accept a plan
67. Take as your own
68. Take an animal from the shelter
69. Assume as one's own
70. Rescue, as a pet
71. One way to get a new toy
72. Take in or take on
73. Choose, as a textbook series
74. Take home from a shelter
75. Approve, as a plan
76. Embrace, as ideas
77. Take up, as a cause
78. Like a bunch
79. Alternative to pregnancy
80. So pretty
81. Start using
82. Become parents to
83. Take under one's wing
84. Expand the family, in a way
85. Rear as one's own
86. Espouse
87. Become parents overnight
88. Become the legal parent of
89. Choose a textbook series
90. A method of electing a pope by the expression of homage from two thirds of the conclave.
91. To worship with profound reverence; to pay divine honors to; to honor as deity or as divine.
92. Admit
93. Take in, like a puppy from a shelter
94. Take 4, clue 4
95. Take in, as a stray cat
96. Take in or on
97. Take in
98. Assume
99. Take on
100. Put into effect
101. Opposite of reject
102. Decide to use
103. Make one's own
104. Embrace
105. Ratify
106. Emulate Mia
107. Take for one's own
108. Follow
109. Take in as one's own
110. Commercial to choose to take on
111. Take into the family, as a shelter dog
112. Take on a waif
113. Bring home
114. "___ the mornin'!"
115. Accept
116. Accept as one's own
117. Accept formally and put into effect
118. Accept formally.
119. Accept.
120. Acquire as a pet from the shelter
121. Add to one's family
122. Add to the family in a way
123. Animal shelter's plea
124. Anti-litter ___-a-Highway program
125. Anti-litter program ___-a-Highway
126. Appropriate
127. Appropriate as an idea
128. Approve as a plan
129. Become a mother in a way
130. Become a mother maybe
131. Become a new father in a way
132. Become a parent of in court
133. Become a parent to
134. Become a parent in a way
135. Become a parent perhaps
136. Become parents
137. Become parents in a way
138. Bring home a kitten
139. Bring home from an animal shelter
140. Bring home as a stray
141. Bring in as a boxer to one's home
142. Bring into the family
143. Call one's own.
144. Choose
145. Choose and follow (a course).
146. Choose and follow.
147. Choose as a textbook series
148. Choose.
149. Decide to use as a policy
150. Embrace as a policy
151. Embrace as good sleep habits
152. Embrace as ideas
153. Emulate Angelina Jolie and Madonna
154. Emulate Madonna
155. Eschew a breeder say
156. Espouse.
157. Expand the family in a way
158. Finalize a "pet" project?
159. Get a pet from a pound
160. Get a pet from a shelter
161. Get a pet from the pound e.g.
162. Get a pet from the pound say
163. Get a pet for example
164. Get a pound pooch say
165. Get from the ASPCA maybe
166. Get from the ASPCA perhaps
167. Give a home
168. Give in to an ASPCA plea perhaps
169. Go out of the pool for say?
170. Keep free from litter as a highway
171. Litter-fighting ___-a-Highway program
172. Officially bring into the family
173. One of the ASPCA's "Ways to Help"
174. One way to become a mommy
175. One way to become parents
176. One way to fatherhood
177. One way to motherhood
178. Pass
179. Pass as a proposition
180. Pass as a resolution
181. Put into effect as a proposal
182. Put into practice
183. Rescue from a shelter
184. Rescue as a pet
185. Settle on as a plan
186. Shelter exhortation
187. Sponsor as a highway
188. Start a family perhaps
189. Start a family say
190. Start to use
191. Succeed at a rescue mission?
192. Sure way to fatherhood
193. Sure way to motherhood
194. Take 4 clue 4
195. Take a hound from the pound
196. Take a kid legally
197. Take a pup from the pound say
198. Take as one's own.
199. Take for one's own.
200. Take for oneself.
201. Take from a pet shelter
202. Take home a shelter animal
203. Take home from the shelter say
204. Take home as a pet
205. Take in a kid
206. Take in as a child
207. Take in as a dog
208. Take in as a new pet
209. Take in as a pet
210. Take in as a stray
211. Take in as a stray cat
212. Take in as a stray dog
213. Take in on or up
214. Take in take on or take up
215. Take into one's family
216. Take into one's home
217. Take into the family as a shelter dog
218. Take kids in
219. Take on or take in
220. Take on as a child
221. Take over
222. Take up
223. Take up as one's own
224. Take up as a cause
225. Take up as a plan
226. Take up as a strategy
227. Take up.
228. Take as a stance
229. Take.
230. Use as one's own.
231. Vote into law
232. Vote to accept.
233. Welcome home in a way
234. Accept, as a report
235. Take on a pet project?
236. Become a new father, in a way
237. Appropriate, as an idea
238. Sponsor, as a highway
239. Take in, as a dog
240. Take in, as a pet
241. Eschew a breeder, say
242. Dote on
243. Votes to accept
244. Dig for squares?
245. Be wild about
246. Cute
247. 1963 hit by The Angels, "I ___ Him"
248. O Come All Ye Faithful verb
249. Be head over heels in love with
250. Takes into one's family
251. Former orphan
252. Member of some families
253. Orphan Annie was one
254. Accepts, as a resolution
255. Be nuts about
256. Get from the ASPCA, perhaps
257. Be a devotee of
258. Really go for
259. Think the world of
260. Put on a pedestal
261. What fans do
262. Devoted fans
263. Rabid fan
264. Love to pieces
265. Decks
266. Decorates
267. Hold dear
268. Love
269. Love to bits
270. Dig deeply
271. Love to death
272. Any one of the Magi, to Jesus
273. ___ Lingus
274. Personals, e.g.
275. Ornament
276. Tight as --
277. Pre-Christmas season
278. Make pretty
279. Commotions
280. Dig, so to speak
281. Be taken with
282. Revere
283. Like a lot
284. Cherish
285. Embraces
286. Worship
287. Esteem to the extreme
288. Takes in
289. Takes on
290. Be gaga over
291. Take in, as a new pet
292. Be mad for
293. Cute as a button
294. Take up, as a strategy
295. Be very fond of
296. Ratifies
297. Accepts.
298. Accepts, as a report.
299. Foster parent.
300. Embraced.
301. Takes as one's own.
302. Espouses.
303. Certain lucky children.
304. Votes to accept.
305. Foster child.
306. Take under one's wing.
307. Dote upon.
308. Espousals.
309. Espouser.
310. Very charming.
311. Voted to accept.
312. Foster parent, at times.
313. Accepts formally
314. Take responsibility for
315. Take on, as a new approach
316. Choose and follow
317. Call one's own
318. Choose and follow (a course)
319. Use as one's own
320. Take for oneself
321. Take as one’s own
322. ___, don't shop (pet lover's plea)
323. Welcome a child