The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers No 27738 August 8 2020

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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers August 8, 2020 (08/08/2020).

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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers No. 27738.

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The Times Cryptic Crossword Answers No 27738 August 8 2020

*Both clues of the 2 puzzles are arranged together alphabetically.

Ancient history chum distorted excessively crossword clue

Asian lad travelling around posh part of spain crossword clue

Assess english girl worried about university crossword clue

Bearing of one who will succeed on radio? crossword clue

Beautiful youth ultimately serving some old lawmaker crossword clue

Big church in kerry most affected by change crossword clue

Case left by chap having meal with union leader crossword clue

Charlie's new earnings docked before work on river crossword clue

Dark blue bible displayed in major city crossword clue

Disallow fruit? not half! crossword clue

Feeble dog on lead in former times crossword clue

Female murder victim to be buried in scottish island shortly crossword clue

Friendly understanding altered niece, not surprisingly crossword clue

Go to paris, carrying cycle for versatile sportsperson crossword clue

Hanger-on in farm building, one left inside crossword clue

Illuminated sign colonel finally installed in clubs, perhaps crossword clue

Indian city besieged by extremely threatening rabble once crossword clue

It's like a carapace maybe, the poet said crossword clue

Seabird identified by woman in luxury car crossword clue

See island store coated in baked clay, mostly crossword clue

Southern african grassland sometimes considered in speech crossword clue

State of mountain-climbing artist entertaining request crossword clue

Stick around lake, being down in the dumps crossword clue

Teacher expresses disapproval about minerals crossword clue

Time to go back and make improvements crossword clue

Underdone cheese dish with bit missing crossword clue

Understand family's first party finishing early crossword clue

Use of a covering for the ears? crossword clue

With o'neill briefly in charge, start to study selective breeding crossword clue Protection Status
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