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Math Puzzles Pro 2 puzzles 26 \ which number replaces the question mark ?

Welcome to GoAnswers Website we offer you today Math puzzles PRO 2 is the continuation of the mainstream game Math puzzles PRO. New form of Math puzzle PRO with new special riddles. Is it true that you are prepared to unravel new riddles and build up your consistent reasoning? 

Goal of the game is to discover examples covered up in the riddle so as to touch base at the arrangement. This game aides in upgrading your 

Observation aptitudes

 question mark 

Logical thinking 

 Out of the case thinking 

Mathematical information 

This game contains 80 testing mind secrets. Each mind secret offers an alternate and special test which powers the client to think in flighty manner. 

Play these puzzles with your companions to see who can fathom the riddles quicker

 ? which number replaces the question mark

Math Puzzles Pro 2 puzzles 26

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The answer to question 26 of the game Math Puzzles Pro 2 level 26 

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