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I am going to save some money for Games. So, I wanna know which one is powerful and has better games! Google Stadia, PS5 or the new XBOX?

Actually I never tried XBOX. So, Is there any advice about that?

Google Stadia is a new game streaming service that will launch in November in different countries as US, UK and Canada.

It will be released at least 31 games from 21 different publishers.

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From what I understand, the actual stats of the Stadia's tech is pretty solid, though since it's a streaming/cloud gaming service, it is wholly reliant on your connectivity to the internet to actually get going.

PS5's stats also look pretty good, a good jump up from the current gen, so that can be quite promising. Ability for BC of PS4 games is good too.

As for the next Xbox though, there's no actual stats out for it that I know of, though presumably, they will keep to their new idea of keeping BC a major element, and keeping on good faith that it'll also be a good jump.

Overall, kind of a hard thing to judge right now, with what little information is truly out right now. But time will tell, especially with E3 and other adjacent announcements around the corner. Probably just best to keep saving up for awhile before leaning one way or the other.

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