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Constantly evolving, the technology of Bluetooth 

started off as a basic wireless connection standard

but has since then been adapted and proven with many

different uses and functions.

A good example is Bluetooth for cell phones.  It

enables mobile users to connect to their hands free

headset without using wires.  Bluetooth technology

will also allow mobile phone users to connect 

with their hands free kit as well.

Another handy use of Bluetooth is file sharing.  It

allows the sharing of files between two cell phones,

between a cell phone and computer, which makes the

sharing of files a snap.  If you have a cell phone

and computer, you can easily transfer data between

the two.

Say for example you wanted to put an MP3 on your

phone from your computer you could do it easily 

with Bluetooth.  All you would need is a Bluetooth

adapter for your computer.  It doesn't stop with the 

swapping of files either,as you can use your computer 

and phone to synchronise phone books, send SMS messages, 

and much more.

Although Bluetooth may be dandy for cell phones,

it also comes in handy for the home office as well.

Utilizing Bluetooth is a great way to set up a

home office - two computers, a printer, and even a

scanner.  They all can be connected using Bluetooth

technology with effective ranges of up to 10 meters.

The technology and devices of Bluetooth will be

around for years and years to come.  As years go

by, Bluetooth will provide even better wireless

solutions for different applications.  Even though

Bluetooth has a short range, it has that short

range for a reason.  Bluetooth is easily the best

in wireless technology - which it continues to 

prove time and time again.

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